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Thank you so much for our fantastic tour of Morocco. This was the best trip we've ever taken. We felt like we saw the real Morocco, its culture, its people, its history. We especially appreciated visiting so many local sites, eating at local restaurants, and staying in charming accommodations, none of which were the typical tourist hotels. We also enjoyed seeing how so many of the Moroccan crafts were actually produced. As you may recall, this was our second trip to Morocco. We saw many of the same destinations during our first trip but your tour gave us a much more personal and intimate experience.Every day was a highlight for us, so it's hard to pick the one or two best experiences but we'll try. The remote Berber Tent in the desert that took 1.5 hours to reach by camel was certainly one. We did not hear a single human sound, including airplanes, and the stars were truly the brightest we've ever seen. We'll also never forget meeting your parents and family, their warm hospitality, and seeing the village where you grew up. There are also many fond memories of local meals but two that stand out are the catch of the day lunch at the fish restaurant and the farewell dinner you had catered at the Riad Orientale. Speaking of the Riad Orientale, it was a privilege to stay in this beautiful 250-year old home in the middle of the Medina in Marrakesh. When you first talked to us about this tour, you said you wanted to show us your Morocco. You certainly did so, and we now feel like it's our Morocco as well.

Dan & Judy

Mazomenie WI


Thank you for sharing your country with Kirstin and I .It was an experience we both won't  forget.Personally sharing laughs ,stories ,music and beers all over  Morocco is what I'll remember .We really appreciate you taking such good care of us ! We loved trying   the food (especially tagine)+ seeing some of your country's amazing sites.Thank you for being such a wonderful host!

Kirstin and Tony.

Port Washington ,WI



What a trip you led us on! You are truly an amazing individual ...so smart, so kind and so thoughtful about every detail. Every morning left me wondering how you were going to top the day before and every evening left me in awe that you had. As this was my first trip out of North America, the culture shock was pretty great for me but you always made me feel safe and assured that no matter what the situation you would make sure we were okay. Thank you for all the hard work you put into making this a great experience for all of us! Youssef, you quickly became more than our guide ...I consider you a friend.

Nicole Wyrembeck




As an independent-minded traveler, I was initially concerned that touring Morocco with a guide might limit my experience. How wrong I was! I can think of no better way to have explored Morocco than with Youssef guiding my mother, sister and I through its bustling souks, surreal deserts, monkey-laden forests and winding village roads with wit, wisdom, local connection, historic and cultural knowledge, flexibility, creativity, patience and an adventurous spirit more of one than I could have ever mustered on my own. I would not hesitate to recommend Nomad Adventure Travel as the best way to visit Morocco with friends, family, or on your own because of its small, independent nature, personalized itinerary and attention, and the sense of comfort, safety, humor and adventure the Youssef provides .

Holly Connor

London, England


What a trip! I talk with excitement in my heart every time I start telling the stories of our two weeks in Morocco with Youssef Amraoui and his company, Nomad Adventure Travel. It was an adventure filled with new experiences for the senses. My two daughters and I went on this trip with open minds to experience different traditions and beliefs and left Morocco with a better understanding of ourselves, the country, and the people who shared their lives with us. We had wonderful experiences and came back with memories we'll share for a lifetime.

Carmen Connor

Madison, WI



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